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February 14, 2012

Party ‘n Play

Play responsibly. Using recreational drugs or alcohol impairs your judgement and increases your risk pf HIV. Reducing substance use, limiting your number of sexual partners and always using condoms with water based lube reduces your risk of STIs and HIV.

Who says one size fits all?

Let’s face it every dick is different. Condoms and water-based lube remain your best defense against STIs and HIV, so take some time to find the condom brand that works best for you to maximise your fun! Try Health4Men’s large condoms, available in black or natural.

Get REDi for love - Valentine’s Day

Reducing your number of sexual partners is a good defence against against STIs and HIV.
Don’t be bored with condoms - together with water-based lube they remain your best defence against STIs and HIV.

HPV Article

Human papillomavirus (also known as HPV or simply genital / anal warts) is the diarrhoea of sexually transmitted infections. It’s the most common of all STIs, yet gets the least press. Nobody wears coloured ribbons in aid of it or makes Oscar-winning movies about its victims. In fact, nobody even likes to talk about it, as I recently discovered at a dinner party when I mentioned that I was being treated for the virus. The conversation spluttered and jerked, then ground to a complete halt. I reckon I would have received a warmer response if I’d admitted that I shagged goats or was converting to Mormonism.