February 27, 2012

Bob takes a swipe at gays

ZIMBABWE’S President Robert Mugabe at the weekend told British Prime Minister David Cameron “to hell with you” over the prime minister’s call to respect gay rights.

SOME KIND OF INSANITY: Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe listens to speeches during his birthday rally in Mutare about, 26km east of the capital Harare. Mugabe turned 88 last Tuesday. PHOTO: REUTERS
Cameron said at the Commonwealth summit last year that countries receiving British aid should respect human rights, including gay rights.

Gay sex is “unnatural”, a “disease”: India’s health minister

For India’s health minister Ghulam Nabi Azad, homosexuality is not only “unnatural” but also a “disease.”

Addressing mayors and village council heads on HIV/AIDS on Monday, he said “this disease has come to India from foreign shores.”

“The disease of MSM (men having sex with men) is unnatural and not good for Indian society,” he said. “It’s a challenge to identify such people. In case of female sex workers, we can identify the community and reach out to them since they live in clusters. But in case of MSMs, it isn’t always possible.”

Outreach success for STI/Condom Week

STI/Condom Week proved to be a very busy and productive week for Health4Men in both Gauteng and Western Cape.

Numerous events were scheduled in Khayelitsha, Soweto and other locations over the period 12-18 February 2012. Community events in Cape Town took place in association with the City of Cape Town Health Department, the Western Cape Department of Health and other non-profit organisations and included Site C taxi rank (Khayelitsha),  Khayelitsha Mall and Kuyasa Men’s Clinic. Events included HIV testing drives, educational talks on sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and condom distribution.

In Johannesburg, Health4Men took part in the Healthy Lifestyle Exhibition that was organized by the University of Johannesburg Campus Health Centre and Health4Men also went back to the Rec Room on Valentine’s Day for our monthly HCT service visit.