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What Men Should Know

Disclosure and your rights

The Constitution of South Africa protects the rights of people living with HIV. It doesn’t allow discrimination and protects people’s right to privacy and confidentiality. In South Africa, there aren’t any laws that force people to tell others about their HIV status. People who do test positive should tell their partner, so that they can be protected and also have an HIV test. People with HIV/AIDS in South Africa are protected by the Bill of Rights and have the same rights which protect all citizens.

Whether or not to disclose your HIV-positive status is a difficult decision to make because disclosure (or non-disclosure) is often followed by major and life-changing consequences.

Here are two very useful links that will give you information on your rights as an individual living with HIV and also a link that will give you guidelines on disclosure of your HIV status.


To find out more about The Rights of people living with HIV and AIDS please click here

To find out more about Guidelines to disclosure click here