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What Men Should Know

Legitimising genocide?

Today’s signing of the Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill by their President Yoweri Museveni represents a dark and tragic event in Africa’s history.

Innocent people’s freedom and lives are now in danger based purely on their sexuality.

The Anova Health Institute joins the international outcry against the Bill.

We note that consensual human sexual behaviour cannot be controlled through legislation. Male to male sexual expression will continue in Uganda but it will simply become even more clandestine. Men who have sex with men (MSM) will be more afraid to seek appropriate sexual health care, and health workers will be justified in denying essential health services to MSM.

“We deplore this development and are worried about the safety and lives of MSM and gay rights activists in Uganda. In addition I am very concerned for the longer-term management of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections in that country as fewer MSM access health care,” warns Prof James McIntyre, CEO of the Anova Health Institute.  

During the past week gay Ugandan doctor Paul Semugoma, who has been volunteering for the Anova Health Institute’s Health4Men project, came close to being deported back to his homeland from South Africa.

“In Paul’s case we and our partners were able to exert local and international pressure on the South African government to avert a human rights crisis. We sincerely hope that ongoing cooperation between human rights organisations will prevail to save many more lives and hopefully lead to the abolishment of the Bill”, says Health4Men’s Glenn de Swardt.

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