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What Men Should Know

Shebeen and tavern challenge winners


The MSM (men who have sex with men) community thrives in the townships. Taverns and shebeens are often the easiest way to meet or socialise with other men. Because there is still a lack of proper sexual education in South Africa and the high prevalence of HIV cases among MSM, Health4Men distributes educational material, lube and condoms to MSM frequented venues. Currently Health4Men in Cape Town has 32 and Johannesburg 21 taverns and shebeens that they work with.

On World AIDS Day 2011, Health4Men set a challenge to the taverns and shebeens that Health4Men gives support to.  The challenge was to compete against each other, decorating their venues to commemorate World AIDS Day and bring about HIV awareness in their communities. Two separate challenges took place in Cape Town and Johannesburg. In Cape Town 10 taverns and shebeens took part and in Johannesburg a total of 8. Health4Men provided them with some basic supplies like red fabric, balloons, posters, IEC material, lube and condoms, but how they chose to appropriate the material in a creative display was up to them.

A team of judges went from venue to venue and rated each venue’s attempt. The judges and Health4Men staff were very impressed by the spirit that everything was escalated in and by the efforts that competitors put in to rise to the challenge.

We are pleased to announce the two winners! In Cape Town the winning trophy goes to Mina’s Place in Crossroads and the Johannesburg winner is Dudu’s Inn in Palm Springs. Congratulations to both of you! Have a look at our winners.