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What Men Should Know

4 health apps to get you going

Every year most of us make health and fitness goals but sticking with them becomes a different story. Whether those goals include losing weight, meditating more, hitting the gym consistently, or just eating healthier, many of us start off the year strong only to have our resolutions disband into nothing. Don’t let that happen this year.


These 4 apps will help kick-start your health and fitness goals and make 2020 a bit different. You may not get that perfect summer body right away, but you can download your way to a healthy mind and body.


There are countless benefits for meditation including stressing less, focusing more and even sleeping better, and Headspace is a great app if you’ve never done it before. Its goal is to teach you the foundational aspects of meditation in your first 10 days of using the app. Headspace is available on Android and IOS.

The Yogi

Yoga is increasingly becoming a popular trend in SA and we understand why. Just like meditation, Yoga has many proven health benefits. With The Yogi, not only are you able to choose specific programs; you can also choose your level, duration and focus. The app also lets you create your own custom program, with all your favourite moves and your specific needs.  The Yogi is available on Android and IOS.

Sleep cycle

Since our sleeping patterns have a way of affecting our health, we would recommend Sleep Cycle. The app tracks and analyzes your sleep and wakes you up at the most perfect time, feeling rested. All you need to do is to download the, fill in a few health questions and get better sleep. Sleep Cycle is available on Android and IOS.

Nike Running App

This one seems to be the most popular app. If you don’t mind running with your smartphone, the Nike Running App is perfect for beginners and professional runners. The workouts are designed to help you improve strength, speed and endurance and have fun doing it.

All of these apps are available on both Android and IOS.