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What Men Should Know

Our Services

 Our medical services include HIV and STI related services.

HIV-related services:

  • Screening: We provide free and confidential HIV screening in a discreet and relaxed environment. If you do test positive we’ll also undertake CD4 testing and counsel you on your healthcare needs, and provide as much support as you need. If you’re thinking about having a HIV screening click here to read more about the importance of testing.

  • Monitoring and management: Our medical team offer free CD4 and viral testing if you are HIV positive, allowing you to monitor your health. All consultations with our doctors are free.

  • Treatment: Health4Men supplies free antiretroviral treatment therapy, based on your CD4 count and other medical factors. Once you’re on ARVs our doctors will continue to monitor your health and will be available to address any side-effects you may experience.
  • PEP: Our doctors will prescribe PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis) if you’ve had a high risk exposure to HIV infection, provided that you test HIV negative and that you commence the treatment within 72 hours of the exposure to the virus.

STI-related services: 

  • Screening and treatment: We offer free and confidential screenings for sexually transmitted infections such as syphilis, gonorrhoea, chlamydia and genital warts. We’ll also treat your STI, free of charge. 
  • Prevention: We offer vaccination against viral STIs such as Hepatitis B.

Other health concerns:

In addition to HIV and other STIs, feel free to consult with us if you have any other sexual health concerns. We also address prostate, testicular and anal health.