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Queer Talk

Why I’m on PrEP

How many stories have you heard of people who are confronted with the reality of HIV when their ‘committed’ partners confess that they’ve cheated? How... Read More

What is MSM?

MSM stands for ‘men who have sex with men’, and it doesn’t mean the same thing as ‘gay’.   Many people assume that men who... Read More

Straight Acting

During the thirteen years, I was an actor, I played roles representing various gender identities, races and sexual orientations.  I prided myself on being a... Read More

Booty and the Booze

As “silly season” approaches, those of us who partake in the alcoholic beverage will be provided with more opportunities to indulge than ever.  Cocktails, boozy... Read More

Taking Pride

Like many a gay man… I love a good parade. But, I’d like to propose we do something in addition to this collective expression of... Read More

DIY Lube

It’s 11 pm and you and your man want to have some sexy time.  You have condoms but your bottle of lube is as dry... Read More


Is your flaccid penis trying to tell you something? There’s no need to keep a stiff upper lip about your failure to launch. Erectile dysfunction... Read More

The job at hand

Studies have found that bright people masturbate more often, and they have good reason to do so. Educated people partake in self-pleasure more often than... Read More

Think Fast

Nothing to eat? That might not be such a bad thing. You’re in a rush.  There’s no time to find something healthy to shove down... Read More

Dr. Rad talks Flu Jab

Dr. Oscar Radebe, Clinical Manager: Senior Medical and Communications Consultant: Health4Men, answers some questions about getting the flu vaccine.   What is the flu vaccine,... Read More

Gut Reactions

Whether you’re HIV-positive or not, the chances are good that your immune system is not going to take the title of this year’s “Miss Perfect... Read More

Dew on the Lily

(by Mickey Diablo) It’s the appetizer before the main course, the Royal Variety Performance preceding the NYE fireworks, the isolated showers which herald the Highveld... Read More

Are you PrEPared?

Remember the soap opera Dynasty? The series which premiered in the early 80’s revolved around an old billionaire who marries a much younger, middle class... Read More