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April Fool’s Gold

Here’s some “prankspiration”.

April Fool’s Gold

Getting drunk or reckless and having risky sex with someone who may or may not have an STI, would be foolish fun – duh!  But, here’s some foolish fun suggestions that won’t give you pubic lice or genital herpes:

  • There’s still loads of Easter eggs around.  Offering some of the marshmallow variety, syringed with pepper sauce should spice up your Friday.
  • Replace the office coffee supply with decaf and watch everyone’s batteries run flat.
  • Hide a timed scent-dispenser under someone’s bed and set it for 15-minute intervals.  You can also place it in the backseat of someone’s car.
  • Serve tortilla chips with guacamole fortified with wasabi.  You may want to run and hide as soon as someone takes a mouthful.
  • Superglue a R5 coin to a flat surface and then secretly film people trying to pick it up on your phone.
  • Reply to some random classified ads and leave a friend’s contact details.  They’ll wonder why the lady selling Bengal kittens and the man with a spare Volksie clutch plate is mailing them.
  • Refill a hand soap dispenser with garlic oil, for a smelly outcome.

Have a fabulous April Fool’s Day!