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What Men Should Know

6 facts on mental health

10th October is World Mental Health Awareness Day!

  1. Mental health is your psychological, emotional and social state of well-being
  2. Mental health problems can interfere with your ability to make healthy life choices like eating well, getting enough sleep, and avoiding sexual behaviour that puts you at risk
  3. People living with HIV are at an increased risk of developing mental health conditions for various reasons.  However, these conditions are treatable, and some can be avoided altogether if stigma and discrimination are eliminated
  4. Good mental health is an essential part of proper HIV treatment
  5. Mental health conditions are not caused by weakness or character flaws; they are the result of various factors such as environment, stress, family history and social or biological characteristics
  6. Almost everyone faces mental health challenges at least once in their life, irrespective of their HIV status.  If you suspect that you may be struggling with your mental health, talk to your healthcare provider or call SADAG 24- hours on 011 234 4837