What Men Should Know

How to use the female condom for anal sex

A lot of men don’t know this fact, but the female condom can be used for anal sex.  Maybe a little trickier to use than the conventional condom and it does take getting used to, but a lot of men do like to use it.  

One of the benefits of female-condom use—besides its protection against STDs, including HIV, during anal and vaginal sex—is that it empowers receptive sexual partners to protect themselves whether or not their partner wants to use a traditional condom. 
The female condom works by collecting semen, just like a traditional condom; but instead of covering the penis, it's inserted into the vagina or anus. For more comfort during anal intercourse,  The inner ring does not “have” to be removed but removal can make insertion easier . The outer ring rests outside the anus, providing an additional barrier against STDs transmitted through skin-to-skin contact. 
Here are some of the reasons why you can try female condoms as alternative to male condoms:
  • Natural "bareback" feel
  • Gives the receptive partner more options for protection
  • Easily inserted
  • Insertion is not “messy” if it is inserted correctly by placing the condom over the penis like a sock.
  • The female condom does not dislodge easily during sex
Follow our step by step instructions on how to use the female condom: 
The easiest way to use the female condom for anal sex is to wear it like a 'male' condom. Put lubricant in the female condom and then place it over the penis (or a dildo). Use plenty of lubricant on the outside of the female condom or around the anus before anal sex. For this method the inner ring is removed.
Alternatively, you could try to insert the female condom in the rectum first, as for vaginal fucking. Use plenty of lubricant around the anus, and loosen it with a finger in readiness for the female condom. Make sure your fingernails are cut short.
After removing the female condom from its wrapper, hold the inner ring between your thumb, index and forefinger, and squeeze it so that it forms an oval. Don't remove the inner ring, as this will lead the female condom to become tangled, and could lead to breakage. 
Push the female condom up into the rectum as far as you can, using the inner ring as a guide, whilst spreading your arsehole with your other hand. You may find this easier if you raise one leg onto the side of the bath, or a stool. 
Then put your index finger inside the female condom, until you feel the bottom of the inner ring. Push up as far as you can, but do not insert the outer ring. 
You will find that the outer ring, and perhaps a small part of the female condom, is on the outside of your arsehole. That's meant to happen, and should stop the female condom from slipping inside.
Use more lubricant inside the female condom, to keep it moist, and add it whenever you need it during sex.
Check every now and again during sex that the outer ring of the female condom hasn't slipped inside your arsehole, or that the penis hasn't slipped between the female condom and the arsehole. If it has, stop, remove the female condom, and use a new one before starting again.
Don't re-use the female condom. The female condom is designed for vaginal sex and for single use. Some gay men are reported to have used a female condom when being fucked by multiple partners. If you use it more than once for anal sex, we don't know the strains that it could put on the sides of the sheath, which might easily tear. And if you get a lot of semen in the female condom, we don't know how effective it is in holding it in, or whether any seepage into your rectum could take place. It is likely that fucking in somebody else's cum would be risky for the active partner.
Removing the female condom. Because the female condom lines the inside of the rectum, your partner doesn't have to withdraw immediately after coming. You can remove the sheath when it suits you, making sure that no semen is spilt. Twist the outer ring to keep the semen inside, and then pull gently.  Throw away the used female condom.