penile cancer

Warts where the sun don’t shine?

Being gay is already a bit like doing squats in a tight pair of jeans – a bit of a challenge - but now chuck being more susceptible to genital warts and HPV related anal cancer (than our hetero-brethren) into the mix, and a gay man just wants to toss all his A&F vests out of his gym bag! It’s just too much! Why us? HOW MUCH MORE CAN WE TAKE?

Anal Warts and all!

What if the warty frog you kissed didn’t turn into a handsome prince?  In fact, what if the handsome prince that you did manage to kiss, gave YOU a wart!  EEK! I know, right! Let’s take this frightening “Fairytale” a little further: What if that prince kissed you in your “no-no-special-place” (crotch area - stay with me people!) and gave you a wart there? Proceed to placing wrist to forehead, rolling eyes into the head and crumpling into a pale heap on the floor.